Mind over Matter

Mind Over Matter: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Ann Polya, author of “Brain Fitness: Breakthrough Training For Those Who Mind”, has done it again. “Mind Over Matter: the Power of Emotional Intelligence” builds on her first exploration of the applications of and use of all the recent research in neuroscience, and takes this further to target a robust understanding of Emotional Intelligence.

She 117665_bc_l3 bis 1 jpeg (2)demonstrates how improving our Emotional Intelligence has dual benefits: it solidifies the benefits of Brain Fitness, such as improved memory and better decision-making with those of better developed Emotional Intelligence that include vastly improved self-knowledge and awareness of ourselves and others, which permits better communication and dramatically improved Relationships.

People with well developed Emotional Intelligence find relationships easy, enjoyable, and rewarding; are connected to others and are flexible, resilient, and tolerant of differences, are optimistic, trusting, good listeners and know their own moods and are observant of those of others and have emotional empathy while respecting boundaries. We are made up of our emotions and feelings and they give us a vital dimension to know ourselves better, better understand others.
We are made up of our emotions and feelings which we cannot eliminate but we can get them to help us. With developed Emotional Intelligence we gain the power to know ourselves and others better so that we can improve our communication and our relationships.

As we encounter the challenges of life, this book is highly supportive and timely. It enlightens us on this important subject and includes strategies and exercises to build our Emotional Intelligence, and thereby claim better relationships and a healthy emotional life. We all have the power of Emotional Intelligence and the tools in this book-including the Q & A section helps us to focus our efforts to grow. Dr Polya shows us how to unleash that power and add value to our lives.